Pound'ol Iyan

Brand: Olu Olu
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1.5 kg
This is our Signature Flour Blend of Instant Pounded Yam flour specially formulated with natural flours and starch; primarily used to make a traditional Nigerian meal called Pounded Yam. Enjoy its subtle natural flavour, smooth velvety texture and rich taste. Olu Olu’s pounded yam flour has grown to become the definitive number 1 Pounded yam flour on the market.
Ingredients: Potato granules, rice, potato starch, corn. Traces of nutsseeds and gluten may be present in the product. Store in a cool, dry place. After opening in an airtight container. The product is not suitable for freezing.
Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 1449KJ / 355Kcal, fat 0.75g, of which saturated 0.2g, carbohydrates 80g, of which sugars 1g, fibre 1.3g, protein 6.8g, salt 0g.
Olu Olu (Product of Nigeria)
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