Coconut Cream

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Brand: Bon Coco
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13,00 €/Kg
200 g
Discover the richness of coconut cream, denser than coconut milk, with its minimal water content. This high-quality substitute, perfect when appropriately diluted, is a must-have for those exploring vegan and dairy-free culinary delights It works well in recipes such as sauces, curries, cakes, and custards. You can use coconut cream to craft a vegan alternative to whipped cream. Ingredient: Coconut. Nutritional information per 100g: Energy 2970kJ / 710kcal, fat 71g, of which saturated 67g, carbohydrates 8.9g, of which sugars 4g, Protein 8g, fibre 12g, salt 0.03g. 
Bon Coco (Product of Sri Lanka)
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