Cranberry Bean

Brand: Valle del Sole
Qty: 10
5,80 €

900 g

The cranberry bean is a variety of common bean first bred in Colombia as the cargamanto. The bean is a medium to large tan or hazelnut-colored bean splashed or streaked with red, magenta, or black. Much sweeter and more delicate in taste than common pintos or kidney beans. These beautiful, light colored beans with cranberry speckles are creamy in texture and have a mild, nutty flavor. Cranberry beans are delicious and an excellent nutrient-dense food. They're a rich source of dietary fiber, protein and iron, and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Cranberry beans are low fat and sodium, and are cholesterol free.
Cranberry beans are perfect for salads, soups, pasta fagioli, casseroles, stews, rice and whole grain dishes, and bean spreads.

Packaged in Holland (Valle del Sole)


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