Sambal Badjak Extra Hot

Brand: Spice it
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200 g
Sambal Badjak extra hot chili sauce. You can use Sambal Bajak as a side condiment on a plate or spread it on crackers. Ingredients: Shallot, chili paste 26%, sugar, soy sauce (molasses, sugar, soy sauce (water, salt, soy (wheat), sugar, preservatives E211, E202, salt), red rawit chili paste 3%, sunflower oil (antioxidant E319), spice powder (flavor enhancers E621, E635, maltodextrin, anti-clotting agent E551, iodized salt, tapioca, spices, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, palm oil, sugar), acidity regulator E260. contains celery, gluten, and sulfite. Keep refrigerated after opening.
Nutritional information per 100g: energy 629kJ / 150kcal, fat 3.3g, of which saturated  0.4g, carbohydrates 26g, of which sugar 20g, fiber 4.2g, protein 2.2g, salt 6.9g.
Spice It (Product of Netherlands)
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