Maggi Chicken Cubes

Brand: Maggi
Qty: Not available
600 g
Ingredients: Iodized salt (51%), flavour enhancers: sodium glutamate, sodium guanylate, sodium inosinate; starch, sugar, refined palm oil, chicken flavour, glucose syrup, onion, water, turmeric, celery, emulsifier: soya lecithin. Contains soya, celery
Nutritional information per 100 g: energy 782kJ / 186kcal, fat 4.7g, of which saturated 3g, carbohydrates 26.5g, of which sugar 10.4g, fiber 0.8g, Protein 8.9g, sodium 22.42, iodine 2.55mg.
Maggi (Product of Ivory Coast)
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