Knorr Beef

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400 g
Ingredients: Iodised salt, sugar, flavour enhancers (E621, E627, E631), corn starch, vegetable fat, onion powder, caramel colourant, flavourings, spices, herb, ferric pyrophosphate, lime powder, water, citric acid, sodium pyrophosphate. This product contains traces of cow's milk and egg. Best to store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in a closed container. 
Nutritional information per 100g: Energy 493kJ, fat 6g, of which saturated 4g, carbohydrates 17g, of which sugars 15g, fibre <1g, protein 6g, sodium 21994mg, iodine 3687μg, iron 63mg.
Knorr (Product of Nigeria)
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