Evaporated Milk

Brand: Peak
Unit: tk
Qty: 15
2,50 €
14,71 €/Kg
170 g
Full-cream unsweetened evaporated milk with added vitamin D. Sterilised. Milk fat 8% min., milk solid-not-fat 18% min. Ingredients: whole milk, vitamin D, stabiliser: E339. Store in a cool and dry place. Not intended as food for infants under 12 months. Evaporated Milk is rich milk that is fortified with 28 Vitamins and Minerals. It contains essential nutrients to enhance the performance of your Body and Mind.
Nutritional information per 100ml: Energy 610kJ / 146kcal, fat 8.5g, of which saturated 5.8g, carbohydrates 10.1g, of which sugar 10.1g, Protein 7.1g, salt 0.2g, vitamin D 1.1g.
Peak (Product of the Netherlands)
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